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Our Goal

At The Weed Spot, our goal is simple — to provide our customers with the best possible hemp shop products and purchasing experience. Our objective is to become the best place in the U.S. to buy CBD items and to provide an unparalleled level of customer service. To that end, we source our inventory from the most trusted brands produced and packaged in the U.S. and educate our staff in the safe, effective use of every item that we carry. Our products are all thoroughly lab tested for optimal effectiveness and most importantly, safety.


You can now find us at 502 N Madison Ave in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas! This iconic neighborhood is renowned for its indie retail scene, eclectic gourmet restaurants, craft pubs, and a vibrant theater and music scene. Our retail space features a discovery bar equipped with samples of our products designed to promote exploration among our customers. You’re also invited to relax and enjoy the CBD-infused beverage option of your choice in our renowned Weed Spot Lounge.

Our Community Presence

Everyone at The Weed Spot is dedicated to education and community engagement. We host a variety of on-site events at our CBD store that are designed to enlighten and entertain, such as guided meditation classes, yoga, musical performances, cryotherapy, and therapeutic massage. We also have visiting experts, including doctors, from all corners of the USA providing educational workshops and lectures on getting the most from CBD products. Please let us know if you’ve got ideas for upcoming events that may be a good fit for our space.

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